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Somerset Tractor Runners was set up during lockdown in 2020 when a local lady put a request on Facebook to ask if anyone had any vintage tractors that could drive past the Wessex House Care Home in Somerton, for the old farmers who were unable to see family on Fathers Day.

After seeing the Facebook post Nick Gilliam, Zachary Anderson, Charlotte England and Zac Drayton set up Somerset Tractor Runners. They are all in the vintage tractor circle, owning way too many between them, and also are all committee members of the local Yesterday Farming event. Somerset Tractor Runner has an online community of over 2,000 people and share other local tractor runs in Somerset. This year’s event route has been seen by 105,000 on social media.

Since June 2020 Somerset Tractor Runners have run 3 Father’s Day Tractor Runs and 3 New Year Tractor runs. Each run is around 30 miles taking the unusual convoy through local villages and towns of Somerset. The 2023 New Year’s Day run seen around 115 tractors attend the event.

The tractor runs are set up to raise money for charities. To date over £5000 has been raised. Previous charities have been Kingsbury Episcopi Primary School, Dementia UK and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. This year the charity is Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.